Building out an F&A team: Putting tech and talent to work (Accounting Today)

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Bridging the Gap Between Tech and Talent

It’s no secret that the finance and accounting profession is in the midst of a technological face lift, and CFOs the world over are finding themselves swimming in data. Based on past surveys, CFOs almost universally identify advancements in technology as one of the leading sources of challenge, risk, and opportunity. But what about the teams that have to use this technology?

“The most obvious solution to ineffective, stagnant finance functions is automation.” – Accounting Today

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To spend more time thinking strategically, CFOs must alleviate the burden of tactical responsibilities. Many of these responsibilities come in the form of handling transactions. For larger companies, this means thousands of transactions per day, all of which require direct human oversight and intervention.

CEO’s are leaning more heavily than ever before on their CFOs to contribute strategically by thinking forward. The only way to successfully accomplish this is for entire finance teams to spend less time focused on reconciling reports and processing daily transactional data. Defining and maintaining a vision has become the crux of a CFO’s job description. Communicating the way forward to unencumbered, highly functioning team members is the way forward.

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