CFOs Under Pressure Summary (DergelCFO)

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“No one wants to just do the best they can (certainly not you). You want to thrive and achieve more, better, further, faster.”

CFOs face a multitude of daily pressures, in this featured article, two pressures emerged above the rest: weak finance teams and day-to-day tasks.

Weak Finance Teams:

  • Staff cuts and under-experienced team members hamper the CFO with additional responsibilities.
  • Delegation becomes problematic

Day to Day:

  • Necessity vs. luxury
  • Lack of workplace integration with other departments – What are the goals and objectives of the business?

Tips for Success:

  • Empower your team to handle daily tasks so that you can focus on the strategic level.
  • Make the plan, sell the plan.
  • Make sure you are properly leveraging technology, this can not only aid in daily tasks like transaction approvals, limit spending, and operational workflow, but contribute to the overall strategy you are planning.

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