Digital Automation Tools: Helping Improve Capacity and Efficiency in Shared Services (Deloitte)

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Digital Automation as the Binding Force

We’ve all thought it at some point, there’s an app for everything these days, and we all seem to have way too many of them. Well, we’re not alone, as many Shared Service Organizations (SSOs) face the same crisis, but with much higher stakes. They must continue to grow and maintain business operations while constantly updating/upgrading their technological portfolios. More services = more needs = more apps. If only there were ways to automate repetitive tasks like data extraction or cleansing (removing defective or inaccurate data files)….

From Robotics to AI

Process robotics, cognitive automation, and artificial intelligence show the evolution digital automation. These can be thought of as the “tools of the trade.”

  • Process Robotics: Operates at the interface level and executes (often) repetitive tasks as per a series of prescribed rules.
  • Cognitive Automation: Good cognitive automation solutions have the memory of an elephant – they can recognize and remember in order to make judgments and decisions. Higher end chat bots are an example of this.
  • Artificial Intelligence: For the most complicated problems, AI analyzes situations and predicts potential outcomes. Advancements in AI go even further to implement solutions such as untangling and moving large amounts of data.

The Digital Management Office

Deloitte recommends the establishment of a Digital Management Office (DMO) to serve as the automation brain trust. The office would develop and administer automation efforts and partner with those responsible for managing the organization’s processes. Each department has its own unique needs and maintaining a DMO as a flexible office to either create or locate appropriate solutions could alleviate the burden of app overload.

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