Finance Automation – Time for a Reboot (Financial Management Magazine)

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Major Takeaways:

What are the latest trends in professional finance automation? Today we are delving into industry leading insights regarding how these trends might impact accounting professionals moving forward.

  • Some industry leaders predict that as much as 93% of auditing and accounting jobs will become computerized.
  • Strategy, operational work flow, transactional sampling, and cashflow pricing are among the fundamental tasks associated with the switch to automation.
  • Finance leaders will eventually serve (at least in part) as data analysts and management consultants.
  • Nearly 21 billion items world wide will be connected to the internet by 2020.
  • With increased internet connectivity, the data will increase. This means that risk and opportunity detection will become fundamental for financial mangers.

Understanding the direction of finance automation and accounting allows professionals to remain ahead of the curve, yet the professional landscape does not always represent this. Additionally, increases in data and interconnected organizations present new opportunities for professional development. These trends indicate that professionals must continually evolve their skill sets. To take advantage of these opportunities and aid in organizational growth, it is critical learn how automation is set to impact the finance industry.

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