Unlocking the Hidden Potential of Automation (Capgemini)

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How do Companies Successfully Automate?

It’s no secret that automation is reshaping the way organizations function. Capgemini looked at the factors driving leading companies to aggressively push for automation technologies. The firm released a report on the subject and explained some of the insights they uncovered as part of their “Beyond the Buzz” podcast series.

Substantial improvements in operational efficiency, productivity, and convenience all result from incorporating automation into your business model. This of course, leads to reductions in errors and profit loss, as well as enhanced strategic vision.

Scoring Quick Wins

During the study, Capgemini researchers analyzed 64 use cases of automation across seven different sectors to discover which factors produced the most benefits. The main two aspects they measured were the complexity of implementation and the actual benefits realized in terms of savings and revenue.

Based on this data, the researchers characterized the combination of low complexity and a high return on investment as a quick win. Somewhat surprisingly, only one in three use cases demonstrated quick wins for their organizations. One of the main reasons for this resulted from a common misconception that more complex equals more benefits.

Automation Leaders

The second characterization researchers noted were the organizations that demonstrated exceptional success throughout this transformative process, dubbed the automation leaders. Leaders accounted for only ten percent of the use cases, but revealed a few common traits.

  1. A clearly-defined automation strategy. Nearly three in four automation leaders possessed an actionable road map to automation implementation.
  2. Employee buy-in. Leaders invest in the skill development of their employees, creating a reported 88% employee buy-in rate.
  3. The leaders buy in. 82% of managers understand the importance of automating certain business processes.
  4. Their solutions scale. To achieve the desired growth, organizations must be able to leverage automated practices or they’ll never come close to unlocking its full potential.

As automation continues to transform the business world, it’s important to see what is working and what isn’t. Looking at successful examples while scoring quick wins can help a business ease this transformation.

Listen to the full podcast “Unlocking the Hidden Potential of Automation” here.