What Skills Will Finance Professionals Need In The Future? (Financial Management Magazine)

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What Are The Skills For Finance Professionals?

The finance game is changing. Better yet, it’s already changed, and will continue to change further and faster. Being successful in this industry goes well beyond simply crunching numbers and keeping a book. So, what are the skills for finance professionals? For starters, your tactics, team, and technology must be up to snuff.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Finance professionals are expected to think strategically beyond their own departments more than ever before.
  • Finance teams are building lead scenarios as opposed to the traditional lag scenarios through analytics-driven predictive modeling.
  • Communication, collaboration, and abstract thinking have become increasingly important “soft skills” for finance professionals in cross-departmental exchanges.
  • Become more worldly. Increasing globalization means greater complexity in company dealings. Tech skills evolve and become dated, but critical thinking, social awareness, and adaptability are timeless.
  • Finance leaders are no longer hiring based on having a finance degree. They are looking for individuals with background and educational diversity, such as history graduates, engineers, and former managers.

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